$43.00 Resident Pheasant Hunting Package
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Everything you need to complete your Pheasant hunting experience across the state of South Dakota!
Licenses In Package 2 licenses

  • The Habitat Stamp is required for anyone 18 and over to purchase or apply for a license. The annual fee for the Habitat Stamp is $10 for residents and $25 for nonresidents. A Habitat Stamp is not required for the one-day small game license, the one-day fishing license, youth small game license, any private shooting preserve license or any reduced fee license. Individuals are only allowed one Habitat Stamp per license year; it is not possible to purchase multiple Habitat Stamps in a license year. The Licensing System will automatically add the Habitat Stamp into the cart of those people who need to purchase one. Revenue obtained from the Habitat Stamp can only be used to develop habitat on public land and waters or to provide public access to private land. Habitat Stamp funds associated with hunting and trapping license sales will fund wildlife habitat developments and public access improvements on GFP lands across South Dakota. Additionally, Habitat Stamp funds will also be used to provide public hunting access to private lands containing quality hunting opportunities. Habitat Stamp funds associated with fishing license sales will fund aquatic habitat projects on public waters across South Dakota.

  • Residents age 18 or older to hunt pheasant, grouse, partridge, quail, cottontail rabbit, and tree squirrel. This license also includes the privileges of the Predator/Varmint License which allows you to hunt (but not trap) coyote, red and gray fox, skunk, raccoon, badger, prairie dog, ground squirrel (gopher), crow, jackrabbit, porcupine and marmot.

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Resident Pheasant Hunting Package
Resident Pheasant Hunting Package
Everything you need to complete your Pheasant hunting experience across the...